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Customer Panel

Join our Customer Panel

Sedgemoor District Council are looking to develop a new Customer Panel with up to 100 members. We are seeking the views of residents, service users, businesses, and investors of Sedgemoor. Your views are important to us, and will help shape future service and process delivery, to ensure we meet everyone's needs.

Sedgemoor Lifeline

Sign up for a Sedgemoor Lifeline in 2019

It's a great time to sign up for our fantastic Lifeline service in 2019, with up to eight weeks free if you sign up to pay by monthly direct debit! Charges start from £3.90 per week. And you don't need to be living in Sedgemoor to benefit - the 'monitoring only' service option is available across many parts of Somerset.


Safer Somerset Business Partnership

The Safer Somerset Business Partnership is a ground breaking council led multi agency crime reduction partnership. Please visit this page to ascertain how becoming a member could help your business.

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