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Sorry... that SHOULD say begun, NOT began.
Hi! I've downloaded and just began to use this font. I love that this is the closest thing I can get to Fundations font online. Thank ...
alhamdullilah..terima kasih. sangat2 membantu.
estoy usando una pc, al tratar de descargarla me manda a seleccionar alguna opciòn de google drive, sin embargo, no me lo permite, alguie...
Why NO numbers? Do you think just because it is for personal use only we don't need any numbers? How about Dates?
this font it's to based the logo 'Instagram'?
@vegasvegasius89 It is a finished design. I have already given it and many others away for free; what more do you want?
why not updates?
@jkforbis I appreciate the thumbs up!
@jkforbis thank you!

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