Katy Perry Songs by Any Word

by jrage2009

Few stars know how to sparkle like Katy Perry.
Weakest Link: Africa

by themightymoosh

Do you have a weak spot for geography trivia?
Silhouettes: Toy Story Characters

by Perspektive

The Toy Story franchise is great, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
28 Ways Not to 'Rap'

by timmylemoine1

The first way is, 'just don't pick up the mic.'
True or False Blitz: Asia

by Smeddlesboy

This is your moment of truth.
Bullseye Blitz: TV!

by bhenderson79

Score a direct hit and you might break your screen.
Strange and Creepy Facts II

by Zipcity

Prepare to enter a trivia black hole.
2019 March Madness Bracket

by mhershfield

Unlike the one in your office pool, you can actually fill out this bracket perfectly.
Monday's QuizzesMar 18
Take the Long Way Home (Maze)

by jyrops

It's not always simple to get from point A to point B.
4 to 13 Letter 'Y' Places

by FilipinoBreloom

More geography trivia? 'Y' not!
Last Ten Letters Blitz

by Qaqaq

It's like a rapid-fire sobriety test.
Hurried Hexagon Hopping - Countries

by PenguinsMeercats

Hopping across hexagons may make you feel like a bee.
Click-A-De Niro

by g_norm

When clicking, aim carefully.
Netflix Show Title Match

by Chenchilla

Who remembers the days when you had to wait until a show aired to tune in and watch it?
Harry's Hogwarts Houses

by Hejman

Don't forget the Hogwarts motto: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus ("Never tickle a sleeping dragon").
QWERTY Key Position Blitz

by AuroraIllumina

The answers are right there at your fingertips.
Sunday's QuizzesMar 17
Click the Country: 'D' Cities

by beforever

Do you have detailed directions to Düsseldorf?
Complete the '80s Song... With a Picture

by Noldeh

Is it a picture of big hair and shoulder pads?
St. Patrick's Day Definitions

by NO_r_WAY

If you know your vocabulary, you won't need the luck of the Irish on this quiz.
Disney Movies by Rough Sketch

by Propellerhead

This is where drawings become movies.
Can WD-40 Do That?

by HappyWife

Can it whiten teeth? We're about to find out!
These Words Have Character

by bhenderson79

Here's your chance to find your hidden character.
Finish the Famous Homer Simpson Quote

by lolshortee

We have a feeling you'll "d'oh!" well on this quiz.
Sporcle's Easiest James Bond (per Letter)

by Flick

James Bond makes everything look easy.
Saturday's QuizzesMar 16
IMDb: One Word Movie

by CGMFan1

We're serious about movies, but don't call us Shirley.
Mythological Idioms

by popestcyril

Hopefully mythology trivia isn't your Achilles' heel.
Rock Musicians Then & Now

by kenneycan

It's like a rock n' roll time machine.
Cold War Era Match-Up

by senordingdong

Quit Stalin' and take this quiz now!
A Song of Ice and Fire Top 100 Places

by Sforzando

Does Westeros have TripAdvisor to rank its top destinations?
Sports in Movies

by whssox

Why watch sports when you can just watch actors pretending to play sports?
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