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Libyan conflict ‘We haven’t yet learned from the 2015 refugee crisis’

Is Europe set for another migration wave? A complex civil war in Libya, the third since 2011, could spark a new stream of asylum requests.

Opinion New gun law stands for ‘more safety and prosperity’

Failure to accept tighter gun control rules could spell the end of Switzerland’s participation in the European security system, warns Pascal Vuichard.

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Opinion Reject the de facto ‘disarming’ of Swiss gun owners

The reform of Swiss gun law implementing EU rules on gun control rules go against the Swiss constitution and the public opinion, says Luca Filippini.

Inside Geneva What to do with the children of Islamic State?

Even in Geneva, the world humanitarian capital, there is unease, and a certain reluctance, to say too much about the situation in Syria's Al Hol camp.

Crime statistics Why most of Switzerland’s prisoners are not Swiss

Almost three-quarters of all detainees in Swiss prisons are of foreign origin, a study shows. An analysis of the factors behind the numbers.

Losing a landmark How would Switzerland rebuild a national treasure like Notre-Dame?

For many Swiss, the fiery devastation of Notre-Dame Cathedral sparks another memory – that of Lucerne’s wooden Chapel Bridge in flames.

Swiss education Are 14-year-olds ready to make a career choice?

Students make big decisions about their professional futures at a young age in Switzerland. Too early, or just right?

Mining and human rights How Glencore does its homework

Swiss commodity giant Glencore is often under fire for its human rights record. Glencore’s sustainability chief explains its due diligence approach.

Mining in the DRC ‘Phones come at the price of shattered health and environment’

​​​​​​​A Congolese nun, lawyer and civil rights activist takes on mining giant Glencore on its home turf.

Exhibition: Switzerland Elsewhere Whatever happened to all those Swiss expats?

Meet “Müller, the Turk”. As a young man, railway worker Jakob Müller travelled from Lucerne to Istanbul – where he embarked on a storybook career.

Fumetto 2019 Swiss festival illustrates the high art of comic books

Leading and aspiring comic artists from all over the world have converged in the Swiss city of Lucerne for the annual Fumetto Festival. 

Elections 2019 MPs are the biggest lobbyists in Swiss parliament

Parliamentarians are increasingly, and more aggressively, representing particular interests. It’s a cultural change in the legislature.

Vote May 19, 2019 Poll shows gun lobby faces uphill battle

A reform of the Swiss gun law to conform to EU regulations stands a good chance of winning approval in a referendum next month.

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